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Welcome to the world of Polyhedra.

(New comic released every Wednesday!)



Welcome inquisitive traveller! We would like to introduce you to a world filled with magic, mythical beasts, adventures and more. Where the clouds are oh so fluffy and the houses are in the shapes of D6’s and D4’s.

Dice wield true power in the strange world of Polyhedra. These mythical artefacts grant great power which, as you can imagine, comes with great responsibility. Many wish to seek them out for their own devices.

One such group is a band of adventurers who call themselves the “Fellowship of the Roll”. These strapping adventures and their oh so typical players are on a quest to locate the 7 dice of power. Dice with extreme inherent power that always roll on the number you wish for, these are the stuff of legend.

Speaking of legend, it is whispered that if one has all 7 dice of power, they would be able to approach the One True Dice, the ultimate polyhedral artefact in all of the lands.

Cute, what does this mean though?

Level Up Dice this year is launching our Fellowship of the Roll range. We have some very talented individuals here and we thought, what’s better than just dice? A world to use the dice in! This means that this year we are releasing:


Level Up Dice is more than just a dice company, we are all gamers who want to do more and share it with you all! So have a browse of the FotR site, and we will be adding so much more we will need a second site!