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Gurp - Fellowship of the Roll

15 years ago, the Fellowship was out adventuring as they do when they noticed smoke from a nearby region. Intrigued, concerned and puzzled they decided to investigate.

They approached a village aflame, blood, destruction, death everywhere (It was not a pretty sight). The only sign of anything still alive was the fire which was quickly finishing off whatever was left of the buildings.

As the Fellowship watched, helpless to stop the flames, out of the corner of their eyes they noticed a tiny waif.

It was a baby goblin!

They quickly took him from the nearby flames and began a discussion (which is another story), about if evil is inherited or if it is society driven.

They decided that maybe, just maybe, if they raised the goblin child as their own, he would be a force for good, a goblin of the Fellowship.

Thus the Fellowship adopted the orphan goblin and named him Gurp.

Gurp has now been with the Fellowship for fifteen years. He has many important jobs, from carrying the bedding, to carrying the pots and pans, to carrying the spare swords. Some people have called him a pack-mule, though he knows better; he is the Utilitarian, keeper of the Utensils. He also has the most important task of everyone in the Fellowship; he is responsible for carrying the biggest, baddest, most importantist dice of all: the D20!

Check out Gurp’s Origin story in comic book form!

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